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We can’t get enough of finding more ways to get kids familiar with empowering words to describe themselves and others. This fun hands-on craft lets kids express all the amazing things they are in a powerful affirmation.

All you need are a few simple materials:

-white paper plates

-cotton balls





-FREE Affirmations Printable-click here to download


Before reading “And So Much More”, talk about what an affirmation is. Affirmations are positive phrases about yourself or a situation that can be thought or said. They can build confidence, help you calm yourself or plant seeds for something you’d like to see more of in yourself.


Begin reading aloud and ask the kids to notice the “power words” (powerful, create, loving etc.) in the story. " You can write or discuss the words as you go along or just make a mental note of them and talk about them while crafting.


-Cut one paper plate in half.

-Paint the paper plate to look like a rainbow.

-Let the paint dry.

-Glue cotton balls on the plate to make clouds

-Cut out “power words” from the affirmations printable”. This can be a great time to discuss why kids choose certain words—are some qualities they love about themselves or are some qualities they might like to grow within them? Kids can also choose a word for a friend to acknowledge something they appreciate about them.

-Glue the “I AM” phrase on the rainbow and then glue on the “power words”.


After drying, have each child present their rainbow to the class. It is a great way to reinforce positive thinking and demonstrate the power of saying affirmations out loud.

-Hang up and enjoy the sounds of “I Am Kind!”, “I Am Strong!”, “I Am Grateful!”

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FREE PRINTABLE--And So Much More Coloring Page


A great way to add simple mindfulness in your home or classroom is to color! It’s calming, increases focus and helps kids and adults alike ground their energy (that means even more calm and focus). This coloring page from “And So Much More” also includes an empowering affirmation, “I am thoughtful . My powerful mind and colorful imagination live inside my head. The intricate patterns of the illustration keep both beginning and seasoned artists engaged. This is a great page to print off and do together with your child or students on a rainy day or restful break in the day.

Click here to download

Tag us on FB and IG @shineyourlightbooks and show us those mindful masterpieces!

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Join Jessica at Buy Buy Baby for StoryTime!



Shine Your Light Books is teaming up with Tinseltot and Zalamoon as they launch their babygear lines at buy buy baby stores! To celebrate their launch, author Jessica Collaço will be at the buy buy baby stores in Mission Viejo (5/19@2:30 & 5/20@12:30) and Torrance (6/2@2:30 & 6/3@12:30) for 2 fun filled weekends! You have 4 opportunities to join Jessica as she reads, plays guitar, sings songs, signs books. The weekends will be full of giveaways (including our books), photo ops, storytimes, speaker sessions and more! 



Author Appearances

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

Author Jessica Collaço and Illustrator Simón Estrada will be signing books at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at USC on Sunday, April 22. Both titles will be available for purchase. Come join us for hula-hooping, bubble-blowing, craft-making and fun-having. Readers are encouraged to ask us any questions they might have about being an author or illustrator. Stay tuned to our Instagram page for specifics. See more information about the Festival here. We can't wait to see you there!!! 


"Firenze's Light" featured on



"Firenze's Light was reviewed by Los Angeles family blogger who said "it was well-received by my four-year-old daughter, who really enjoys it. She’s asked for it as her bedtime story several times, and also likes “reading” it on her own." Check out the review here, which includes a story-time reading by both Mother and Daughter! 

Children's Earth Day Festival Culver City




We had a great time meeting readers at Star Eco-Station's Children's Earth Day Festival on April 2. Shine Your Light Books teamed up with Little Tree Kid Co who makes earth-friendly vegan crayons. Author Jessica Collaço read "Firenze's Light", signed books and gave out "Firenze's Light" coloring sheets. Kids had a great time trying out Little Tree's vibrant crayons and enjoying the day's festivities. 

Shine Your Light Books Successfully Kickstarts 2nd Title

We are so grateful to announce that we are busy creating our second title, "And So Much More" thanks to over 200 backers who contributed to our Kickstarter campaign. Readers pre-ordered copies of the book to help us raise funds to illustrate and print the empowering book that encourages self-appreciation by teaching kids phrases like "My arms give loving hugs, "My mind grows wiser," and "I am grateful for who I am and all who love me". 

Take 25% off when you pre-order your own copy of "And So Much More", due November 2017.

Shine Your Light Books

Author Tommy Pugh Featured in the Indianapolis Star

The eighth-grader said he wants children to be able to pick up the book, whether they are happy or sad, and be reaffirmed that they are going to be OK.

The eighth-grader said he wants children to be able to pick up the book, whether they are happy or sad, and be reaffirmed that they are going to be OK.

We are so grateful to see author, Tommy Pugh, featured in this interview for the Indianapolis Star. Reporter Olivia Lewis helps tell the story of the inception of the book and how Tommy was inspired to write it. Read his story and then Share it to encourage more kids to get involved in this empowering project.

Author Appearances

Manhattan Beach Farmers Market Reading 11/17

Join Jessica at the Manhattan Beach Farmer's Market on Tuesday 11/17/15. Jessica will be at the {pages} a bookstore tent for 2 story times: 11:30 and 12:30. She will read "Firenze's Light", teach empowering songs, sign books and hand out coloring and craft pages focusing on the theme of gratitude. Behind Metlox Plaza-13th St and N. Morningside Dr. See you there!

Illustrate Our Next Book Which Benefits Los Angeles Children's Hospital!

Illustration submitted by 15 year-old, Hanna Weiss

Illustration submitted by 15 year-old, Hanna Weiss

In our last announcement we told you about our next book written by a 13 year-old author that illustrates how turning a negative thought into a positive one can be empowering. We are inviting kids ages 3-18 to submit their artwork to illustrate the book. To give more kids the opportunity to participate, we are extending to submission deadline to February 6, 2018. This means over the Holidays, kids can reflect on one of the powerful statements in the manuscript and express their creativity in a drawing. You could even gather friends and family and have an inspiring art party!

We want to make this project all inclusive, so we are contemplating ways to use all the artwork we receive in the book. Artists will receive a .pdf copy of the book and a generous portion of the proceeds from sales will go to benefit Children's Hospital LA's program "Literally Healing" in the collective name of the illustrators. 

Sign up using our form below. We will email you all the details you need to take part in this amazing collaboration for kids, by kids. And be sure to share this opportunity with your fellow artists and teachers! 


Shine Your Light Books

Calling All Kids!!!

With summer coming to a close, Shine Your Light Books is here with a project to inspire kids to get creative as they make the transition back to school. WE'RE LETTING KIDS ILLUSTRATE OUR NEXT BOOK!

Our latest project is a children's book written by 13 year-old Tommy Pugh. Tommy's book uses simple statements that illustrate how turning a negative thought into a positive one can be empowering. Tommy's vision is to have kids of all ages send in their artwork to accompany his affirming phrases.  

Are you a parent with a child who loves to draw? Are you a teacher with a classroom full of potential illustrators??? Sign up using our form below. We will email you all the details you need to take part in this amazing collaboration for kids, by kids. And be sure to share this opportunity with your fellow artists! 

Deadline for submissions is September 30, 2015. Submissions are open to artists age 3-18.


Shine Your Light Books

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Author Appearances

Author, studio unite on Small Business Saturday

Motherhood may be a full-time job, but that's not keeping some women from simultaneously raising kids and running their own businesses.

That fact was on full display this weekend in Lafayette with Small Business Saturday, an annual effort since 2010 to encourage holiday shopping at small, locally owned operations. More

Shine Your Light Books

Firenze's Light: Encouraging Compassion and Empathy

It all started when I became a mother to girls. I realized they could see me when I looked at my toosh in the mirror. I had already fought the demons of an eating disorder and wanted them to grow up knowing the cover of Cosmo wasn’t testament.  So, despite the fact that I was wearing pajamas at 4 pm and was covered in spit-up, I began affirming my strength, kindness, beauty and intelligence and teaching them to speak of themselves the same way. More