Illustrate Our Next Book Which Benefits Los Angeles Children's Hospital!

Illustration submitted by 15 year-old, Hanna Weiss

Illustration submitted by 15 year-old, Hanna Weiss

In our last announcement we told you about our next book written by a 13 year-old author that illustrates how turning a negative thought into a positive one can be empowering. We are inviting kids ages 3-18 to submit their artwork to illustrate the book. To give more kids the opportunity to participate, we are extending to submission deadline to February 6, 2018. This means over the Holidays, kids can reflect on one of the powerful statements in the manuscript and express their creativity in a drawing. You could even gather friends and family and have an inspiring art party!

We want to make this project all inclusive, so we are contemplating ways to use all the artwork we receive in the book. Artists will receive a .pdf copy of the book and a generous portion of the proceeds from sales will go to benefit Children's Hospital LA's program "Literally Healing" in the collective name of the illustrators. 

Sign up using our form below. We will email you all the details you need to take part in this amazing collaboration for kids, by kids. And be sure to share this opportunity with your fellow artists and teachers!