Our Mission 



What if the books you read your children empowered them and built their self-worth?

What if the stories they heard encouraged them to look within themselves and express their unique gifts?


These are questions I asked myself as I struggled to find books that would inspire my kids to recognize their inner beauty.

I was searching for books that navigated challenges the way my husband and I parent--using compassion and empathy.

I wanted to read our kids stories of love, unity, empowerment and optimism and I wanted them to be entertained and engaged at the same time. So I began writing my own.

Shine Your Light Books was created by a crowd-funding campaign backed by people like you who are seeking books with these qualities.

We are committed to creating books while being mindful of the environment. Our books are printed in the United States by Worzalla Printing, an employee-owned company, using vegetable-based inks on Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified paper.

Our stories model compassion, reflection, self-worth and kindness. Our hope is that these books will nurture loving, peaceful children who will one day become loving, peaceful adults.