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Shine Your Light Books began when a small group of people decided they wanted children's books that reflect the values that connect us all. Here are some ways you can shine some light on those around you and help us deliver positive, inspiring books to more readers:



-Buy our books for your child's school, your library or a local kids organization.

-Locate a Little Free Library. Exchange one of our books for one of theirs.

-Host a fundraiser for a children's hospital. Collect pledges from donors, purchase multiple copies of our books and we will ship them directly to the hospital to be distributed to  patients. 

-Our books make great party favors--they are a meaningful gift for guests of your child's birthday party or school celebration.

-Let us help you make someone's day. We can mail a book on your behalf so you can surprise a little loved one with an unexpected gift.

-Help spread the word on Social Media--we bet you know some friends who would truly appreciate children's books that are both entertaining and empowering.